20th November 2019

The american rollercoaster and thrill-ride manufacturer S&S Worldwide presents on the 2019 IAAPA Expo in Orlando the new concept of the AXIS Coaster, a patented ride system where the vehicle can swing free around and shifts the system of the 4D Free Flights to a new level .

S&S Worldwide is the world’s leading manufacturer of vertical and family thrill rides and the largest U.S. manufacturer of major amusement rides and roller coasters. Since 1994, S&S Worldwide has installed more than 40 roller coasters, 175+ tower rides, 50 family thrill attractions and over 250 children’s rides. Now in 2019, the famous manufacturer presents a new concept to their line up.

“I am thrilled that we can offer a ride like this to our customers. This is truly an original ride that provides an experience unlike any other to its riders. It’s the kind of ride that people will see on TV and say, ‘I have to ride that!’”

Josh Hays, Executive Director of Sales (S&S Worldwide)

The AXIS coaster rotates around the axis of the track and is able to swing free along the ride from side to side. Due to the fact that this model can swing free and visitors can be above, below or next to the rollercoaster track, elements that a normal rollercoaster can not ride due to safety and health regulations, are safe to ride on this model and provides a unique experience for the guests. The prototyp took three years to design and research and developed from a employees blueprint to a full and functioning concept. The AXIS Coaster can be planned as a family friendly ride, or can be used as a high-thrilled rollercoaster experience.

Source: S&S Worldwide (www.s-s.com) — All data and information are subject to change and without guarantee.